Your online presence is the most important expense you should make.

We are lucky that in our days it can come at many different costs, different types, and different styles, among others. The goal is one: to state in a clear and tasteful way who you are, what it is you are doing or selling, who should be interested and why, how much your product costs.

All this information used to be offered by spending hours on the phone with a prospective client. Today, with time being the most expensive commodity, you can focus on making a profit by reaching out to thousands of customers and clients instead of spending countless hours phone in hand.

Press was king

A long long time ago, it was press that people relied on to find out what had happened the day before. Newspapers were printed late night hours so they could be dry early morning hours for the readers to buy! The fresher the news, the better the newspaper circulation.

Digital Information is king

Today, the smell of printed paper and ink has been replaced by digital images and text in a way that is - and in some cases is not - pleasing to the eye. But still, information is what is being circulated at a much faster pace, with more accuracy thanks to the vast amount of recources and competition, and all this at your fingertips.

Networking with business cards

The past millenium produced a number of social features, one of these being the concept of networking. The need to get to know people so you can define yourself through your job. This led to the little "labels" people started carrying around with them, their business cards. These defined who you were and what you did. Yes, it made communication easier, and it also increased competitiveness, and created a sense of importance, of being somebody if you had your own business "identity" card.

Networking with your website

This millenium has given rise to a more romantic view of who we are. The New Age trend has helped people take it down a notch and start searching for more information on who is who and what it is they do. So, the concept of websites was developed even more, and it naturally led to the development of personal branding through a personal website, in addition to the company ones. A website goes way beyond a business card. It can create a whole culture relating to you and your business.